Sunday care for healthy skin

February 20, 2022

Our skin represents how we feel how healthy we are, and it can tell a lot about your stress level and overall health.

Stress is one of the biggest acne triggers and a reason for inflammation in the body.

Do you want healthy, glowing, and clear skin? Then rest! Sometimes it can be that simple. Today is the perfect day to reflect, rest, organize, and prepare as much as possible so that the following days are less stressful.

Keep your cortisol ( Stress hormone that activates sebum production ) levels low and your skin healthy.

Here are a few things you can do today.

1. Rest
Enjoy the day and lay down and sleep, meditate or read. This will calm down your mind and your nerves.

2. Declutter
Decluttering is amazing to free up space in our minds and make us feel refreshed. Set a timer for 15 minutes and declutter one room. Next Sunday it will be another room. Start with the space you spend the most time in and throw everything away you didn’t touch the last six months. You could also store it in a box and sell it on the Facebook market or donate it.

3. Plan the week and prepare your healthy snacks for the week
Set a timer for another hour and prepare as much as possible for the upcoming week. It can be as simple as preparing oatmeal for the week, organizing and planning outfits or dinner for the following days.

4. Reset your home. Wash your bedsheets and get as much done as possible so that you can focus on an important project during the week or spend more time with what makes you happy. I like to have my laundry done on a Sunday and my floor and carpets.

5. Do stress-relieving exercises or breathwork. Today is the perfect time to try something new! What about if you learn a new stress management tool? Breathwork? Yoga? Meditation? Art? Breathwork is one of my favorites because it is easy and effective. I like the 7-7-7 method, which works best for me; you might want to start easier. I inhale for 7 seconds, hold my breath for 7 seconds, and slowly exhale for 7 seconds. Do this whenever you feel stressed – it works wonders. Repeat seven times.

So try it out today and let me know what you think 🙂 If you have other ideas for a Sunday reset – let us know about it in the comment.

xo Jacky

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