Helping women like you get healthy, glowing & clear skin through working on your hormone balance, nutrition, skincare, gut health, and mindset.

It’s time to…

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Join our community if you're looking for:

Clear skin

You’ve tried everything, and nothing works - including antibiotic treatment and other prescribed medication.

Improved self - esteem

You feel insecure because of your skin and need to be reminded of your beauty, confidence and inner power.


You want to reduce your acne in a healthy way and in turn boost your overall wellbeing, gut health and hormone balance.

Hey, I am Jacky!

Nutrition expert, skincare lover, dog mom and fitness addict.

Hi, I’m Jacquelin Eickholt,
I’m a specialized nutrition expert, sushi freak and kindle fan! But the real reason I’m here is
to make young women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Jacquelin Eickholt

Acne can have such a huge effect and influence on our self-esteem, confidence and lifestyle and frankly, I’m over it!


 I suffered from acne, and it took me a few years to finally find the magic key to clear, radiant skin – and I’m here to spill all my secrets.


 Join my journey as I help you get there too – all you need is a little bit of guidance and a plan, and there’s plenty of both those things here.


What is it all about?

It’s time to shine, ladies!

Healing acne can sometimes feel like a full-time job. A very unpleasant one at that – but it doesn’t have to be! Acne adieu is an online anti-acne course for everyone who is struggling with unclear skin – and is tailored to help you adjust your habits, lifestyle, and skincare routine based on your personal acne triggers, skin type, and diet.

After only three months, you’ll be able to take on the world in stride with knowledge on how to choose the ideal cosmetics, skincare, and food for healthy, glowing skin.

What does the online course include?

Each course covers nine  weeks of guidance ( plus extra nine weeks if you are on the waiting list ) as we work through:

  • Understanding your acne and your specific acne triggers.
  • How to get clear and healthy skin for a lifetime, without antibiotics or aggressive chemicals.
  • Boost your confidence, self-esteem and help you see that inner beauty and power that’s been there all along.

Here is how it works:




Discover the root cause of your acne, and how to identify and eliminate acne triggers.


Deep dive into the tools you need for sustainable healthy, glowing skin and how to implement them into your daily life.


 Eliminate nutritional triggers and learn how to support your skin with the right diet. This includes tasty recipes and meal plans!


 In week four you will learn how to control lifestyle triggers like testosterone and cortisol and how to balance them to benefit your skin.


 Learn everything you need to know about gut health and the skin-gut connection. Easy step-by-step guides for gut health are included.


 After 6 weeks you will feel confident, beautiful and free. Use your free acne adieu journal to build up your self-esteem and your confidence.

Get rid of spots by booking your spot today! Have you saved your seat yet? If YES - here are a few sweet treats just for you!

Free journal, workbook, e-book & checklists!

Anti-inflammatory recipes, self-love journal, meal plan, skincare and product guides, ingredients to avoid guide & much more!


Six months of online coaching with Jacquelin Eickholt

Every waiting list member gets online coaching sessions for 6 months!

We will have a weekly online live session where I will answer all your questions and make sure you’re keeping your success are reaching those goals.


Acne scars and after treatment

YAY! You reached your goal, your skin is healthy, clear and you’re glowing inside & out – but there are dark spots and scars left?! Don’t worry, I got you.

This bonus will help you clear and heal old acne and acne scars.

Free: Clear Skin Bundle

What you will get:

100 % FREE!

E-Book: Understanding acne

Checklist: Pore clogging ingredients to avoid 

Recipes: Hormonal acne diet – meal plan for three days

Because you are worth it!

Get back that glow!


Your go-to guide for clear, healthy, and glowing skin. Join me and learn how to get healthy skin through working on your hormone balance, nutrition, skincare, gut health, and mindset.

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